Welcome To Gallery Silver Scapes

Art has always, naturally, reflected the development and exploration of different thoughts and perceptions and our current postmodern era is no different. It is interesting to see how art has evolved visually, yet the traditional methods of making art remain a valid means of expression.

All it takes for an artist to raise from the normalcy is an inspiration which fuels his passion to paint beautiful creations throughout his life.
The valuable expression of art is always there with us, but now this expression is yet to take interesting diversion with our art gallery,Gallery Silver Scapes located in Hauz Khas Enclave. Art is no longer considered just decorative but has evolved and come forth as a major form of investment yielding high rates of returns for its buyers.of art, making it an expression commonly used.

It is said that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” and Gallery Silver Scapes is a move towards bringing that joy to every individual, So enter into this powerful world of art and get to see the works of famous artists who have reached laureals and many upcoming artists like Mohammed Shakeel, Ramesh Terdel, Gopal Samuntray, Jitendra Dangi, Kappari Kishan and many more. The blend between artists whose work has been acknowledged all over the world to artists striving to get there, Gallery Silver Scapes brings to you all the original artworks as for them Art is respected and the most cherished. The foremost responsibility of Gallery Silver Scapes is to ensure quality and to set and maintain standards of excellence and authenticity which is being lost in todays day and age.